Why hire a PE?

Why hire a PE firm?

 Choosing an engineering firm for a project can have far-reaching implications. How a project is designed and engineered in the early stages can affect its costs, performance, and quality throughout its entire life cycle. Therefore, it doesn’t pay to treat engineering like a commodity and compare firms by price only.
In view of this, qualifications-based selection (QBS) has become the mantra in choosing engineering firms, with many government agencies requiring it. And as with any other service, you want to select someone that understands your mission and sees things the way you do. An example would be the Federal Governments SF-330 Form.
The Engineer of Record for the Mechanical & Electrical Systems Design is a state Registered Professional Engineer who develops the mechanical & electrical system design criteria, performs the analysis, and is responsible for the design, specification, preparation, and delivery of the contract documents for the construction of projects.
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