High-Rise Apartments

High-rise buildings present several unique challenges not found in traditional low-rise buildings; longer egress times and distance, evacuation strategies, fire department accessibility, smoke movement and fire control. The multiple floors of a high-rise building create the cumulative effect of requiring great numbers of persons to travel great vertical distances on stairs in order to evacuate the building. The public, code bodies, local, regional and federal governments, as well as the design, build, and ownership communities are all affected by high-rise building safety.
SMA has experience in the following areas of particular concern with respect to High Rise Building Design: 
  • Egress (lighting & signage)
  • Fire Resistance Construction
  • Area of Rescue
  • Incoming Water Pressure
  • Water Booster Pumps
  • Fire Pumps & Stand Pipes
  • Stairwell & Elevator Lobby Pressurization
  • Smoke Evacuation Systems
  • Fire Alarm & Detection
  • Emergency Power
  • HVAC System Strategies & Air Movement
  • Tenant Metering


  • City Tower - 14-story, 200,000 sf building, mixed-use renovation - Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • Markel Building - 10-story office building renovation - Hazleton, PA
  • DHD II Building - 7-story single tenant office building renovation - Hazleton, PA
  • DHD III Building - 12-story multi-tenant office building renovation - Hazleton, PA
  • PNC Bank Building - 11-story mixed-use renovation - Wilkes-Barre, PA
  • Commonwealth Bank Building - 10-story mixed-use building - Scranton, PA
  • Charter Court Apartments - Two (2) 20-story buildings, HVAC Systems & Emergency Power - Philadelphia, PA
  • Luzerne County Housing Authority, Lee Park Towers Heating System Piping Upgrade,120,000 sf 10-story facility - Wilkes-Barre, PA
SMA employees have significant High Rise project experience. A list of these projects that were designed by SMA employees while employed with other firms are available upon request.
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