Additional Services

Additional Services

As-Built Surveys

Smith Miller Associates as-built surveys begin with physical features such as building floor plans, furniture, structural, mechanical, plumbing, fire protection, and electrical systems, described and drawn on scaled floor plans in 2-D. The firm offers various degrees and specifications of as-built surveying tailored to the client's needs and the requirements of the project.

Conditional Assessments

SMA provides Conditional Assessments of existing mechanical systems through the use of local mechanical contractors. Conditional Assessments include identifying for each piece of equipment:
  • A point-by-point inspection report for each piece of equipment reviewed. 
  • Equipment condition status of good, fair, or poor condition. Fair condition is for minor repairs and poor condition for replacement. 
  • Equipment listed in either fair or poor condition will include estimated repair labor and material costs to restore back to good     operating condition.


Building commissioning is a joint team effort to ensure that all equipment, controls and systems function together properly to meet the design intent and to document system performance parameters for fine tuning of control sequences and operational procedures.
The commissioning process encompasses and coordinates the traditionally separate functions of system documentation, equipment start up, control system calibration, testing and balancing, training, and performance testing. The commissioning team is made up of the commissioning agent and representatives from the owner, engineer, major equipment suppliers, controls vendor, and sub contractors.

Energy Assessments

Smith Miller Associates' energy management specialists take a systematic approach to assessing the potential benefits of energy retrofits by conducting a thorough audit of energy system components, testing potential packages of system improvements in a computer model and performing life cycle cost analysis. The issues addressed in energy management plans include:
  • inefficiencies
  • controls
  • indoor air quality
  • deferred maintenance
  • energy regulations
  • changes in design philosophy
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